We can produce complex fine hot foil stamping on any substrate in Gold, Silver and other metallic colours mainly used in Corporate Folders, Carton boxes, Wedding Invitations and Book covers. We can also do Embossing and De-bossing to add an attractive third dimension to your design.

What is Hot Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a special kind of printing procedure where heat, pressure, and a metallic paper (foil) is used to create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials. Foil stamping gives the stamped design a shiny and incredible look and is increasingly becoming the preferred method of printing in many an industry.

In the foil stamping process, the die or the sculpted metal plate comes in contact with the foil and transfers a thin layer of the foil film onto the intended surface. As the metal plate is heated, the foil sticks to the surface only in the design of the plate and in the required areas with the desired imprints.

  • 3D Foil Stamping and Embossing

  • Copper Foil Stamping

  • Gold Foil Stamping

  • Silver Foil Stamping

What is Embossing & Debossing?

In the printing industry, Embossing refers to a method of pressing an image into paper or cardstock to create a three dimensional design. Text, logos and other images can all be formed by the embossing method. Embossing results in a raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding paper area. A similar but less common technique is Debossing. Debossing results in a depressed surface, with the design lower than the surrounding paper area.

The embossing and debossing procedures involve the use of two metal dies – one has a raised surface on it and the other has a mating surface recessed into it. The two dies fit into one another. A paper sheet is placed between the two dies and then heat and pressure are applied to squeeze the raised die into the recessed die. Similar to being pressed by an iron, the paper fibers permanently reshape to take on the intended design.

  • 3D Embossing

  • Gold Foil with Deep Emboss

  • Gold Foil Embossing

  • Blind Debossing

What is Blind Embossing?

It is very common for a design to be embossed without using any printing or foiling in the design. This is known as Blind Embossing. In lieu of ink or foil, the embossing process alone creates the text or design on the paper.

  • Blind Embossing

  • Blind Embossing in Fine Font

  • Foil Stamping & Embossing

  • Rainbow Foil Stamping